Welcome and Orientation

What is this blog for?

What is the goal of this book study?
To engage our lives of prayer through reading and discussing a recent publication on the nature and practice of prayer. 

What is the format of this book study?
Twofold: (1) Weekly, a Digest of a new book chapter, posted on this blog. Each Digest will comprise select quotations from the relevant chapter and questions for your reflection and commentary. The Digest will prepare you for the video segment of the study, and will be available throughout the week. (2) Weekly, a Zoom Presentation livestreamed on Fridays at 3pm ET for about 15-20 minutes. Each Presentation will continue to be available after the livestream has concluded. Links to both will always be available on our main parish website.

What if I am unable to obtain a copy of the book?
No worries! Simply follow each week's Digest and Presentation.

Why Personal Prayer?
No book is perfect. The strengths of this book are that it is nearly comprehensive of the main themes in any consideration of prayer; that it is concerned both with doctrine and experience; that it is fairly straightforward if a bit repetitive, accessible to all kinds of readers; and that it is a recent publication. 

What are the reading expectations?
Each week, a new chapter will be covered. If you are able to purchase the book and read the appropriate chapter each week, that is great! However, if you are only able to read the pre-discussion Digest before tuning into the Presentation, that is fine as well! Finally, if you are only able to view the Presentation (whether live or not), and cannot even get to reading of any kind, that is also fine. 

Who is welcome to participate?
Aimed at our parish community of St Dominic, nevertheless, anyone who is interested and respectful is welcome to participate. 

What is the timeline?
15 Jan, Introduction and Chapter 1
22 Jan, Chapter 2
29 Jan, Chapter 3
5 Feb, Chapter 4
12 Feb, Chapter 5
19 Feb, Chapter 6
26 Feb, Chapter 7
5 Mar, Chapter 8
12 Mar, Chapter 9
19 Mar, Chapter 10
26 Mar, Chapter 11 (we conclude before Holy Week!)